Tips for a safe and sober Super Bowl Sunday

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, many people may wonder how to enjoy the big game between the Chiefs and 49ers in a safe, sober, and fun environment. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

Remember, on nights like the Super Bowl, we are together to enjoy those around us. Keep things simple. There’s no need to stress about the night. As Taylor Swift might tell you, shake it off and enjoy the game with your support group.

If you’re hosting, keep the guest list tight and turn it into a potluck-style party. Everyone brings their A-game with a plate, appetizer, and the coolest alcohol-free drink in town—think sodas, sparkling water, or juices that could rival any cocktail. 

If hosting isn’t your jam, why not hit the town with your sober support group? Secure those dinner reservations early (no need for fancy) and surround yourself with supportive friends who understand and support your journey, ensuring a Super Bowl Sunday to remember.

No matter the scenario, do not spend Super Bowl Sunday alone. When there is no one around you to hold you accountable, it can be very easy to listen to the voice in your head and give in to the cravings, pressures, and temptations.

  • Attend a 12-step meeting
  • Call your sponsor
  • Find a church that is hosting a party


Let’s face it: a lot like the holidays, celebrating the Super Bowl can be challenging. But, with a solid game plan in hand, you’re all set for a winning, sober Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you’re a rookie in recovery or a seasoned pro, keep it simple, stay structured, and let the sober festivities begin!