ARC Celebrates National Pharmacists’ Month

In honor of National Pharmacy Technician Day on October 17th, South Creek Pharmacy is extending a shoutout to the dedicated professionals who play a crucial role in the well-being of ARC’s residential clients. 

Fulfilling Medication Needs for ARC’s Residential Clients: South Creek Pharmacy serves a pivotal function by fulfilling the medication needs of ARC’s residential clients. From chronic conditions to short-term therapies, the pharmacy provides clients with essential medications, allowing them to concentrate their energy on their journey to recovery. The South Creek team collaborates closely with the staff at each ARC center daily, ensuring that every client receives the medications they require. Moreover, they work hand-in-hand with ARC’s providers, answering medication-related queries, proposing alternatives, and assisting in navigating complex issues like prior authorizations and drug shortages. In addition, the pharmacy diligently monitors for drug interactions and allergies, ensuring clients’ safety. Remarkably, South Creek fills around 20,000 prescriptions each month, highlighting the significant impact they have on patient care.

Why South Creek’s Work is So Fulfilling: While the pharmacy staff may not interact directly with the clients, they find a unique connection through their work. Every time a prescription bears a client’s name, it’s a testament to their resilience and unwavering battle against addiction. South Creek’s team knows that clients are moving forward, one day at a time, on their path to hope and realizing their potential. Perhaps the most rewarding moments come when clients who’ve completed the program call the pharmacy to transfer their prescriptions. In those calls, South Creek can hear the gratitude, humility, and hope in their voices. Knowing that they played a role in helping clients transition from where they began to where they end the program is a source of tremendous purpose and motivation.

Pharmacy Professionals: Unsung Heroes:
Some interesting facts about these dedicated pharmacists and technicians:

  • Medication Experts: Pharmacists are highly trained professionals who possess extensive knowledge about medications, including mechanisms of action, dosages, interactions, and adverse effects, ensuring patient safety.

  • Doctorate Degrees: Since 2000, all pharmacists hold Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) degrees, representing their commitment to excellence in their field.

  • State Licensure: Pharmacists are required to pass national and state licensure exams, with each state having licensed professionals who meet stringent requirements.

  • Accessible Healthcare Professionals: Over 90% of Americans live within a 5-mile radius of a pharmacist, making them incredibly accessible for healthcare needs.

  • Public Health Champions: Pharmacists actively contribute to public health initiatives by administering vaccines, including the monumental efforts in providing over 300 million COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • Diverse Roles: Pharmacists have a wide range of roles, working not only in community settings but also in hospitals, clinics, academia, and more.

  • Lifelong Learners: The pharmacy profession is constantly evolving with new medications and healthcare practices. Pharmacists are committed to continuing education to maintain their licensure and certification standards.