Cultivating recovery-friendly employers

As industry and state leaders search for ways to improve workforce participation in Kentucky, one solution lies in Frankfort. The Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Fair Chance Academy helps bridge the gap between businesses’ need for employees and people in active recovery.

During three full-day sessions at the Kentucky Chamber offices, business leaders are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources to help them successfully hire, train, and retain exceptional talent and become transformational employers. Many who go through the training say it is eye-opening for better understanding the challenges people face when trying to reenter the workforce following treatment. Arron Rhodes, Addiction Recovery Care’s Senior Director of Human Resources, recently went through the training and echoed those sentiments.

“Workforce participation is suffering within Kentucky and many other states,” said Rhodes. “The number of individuals entering the workforce is far outpaced by those leaving it, resulting in a deficit we cannot overcome without tapping into new talent pipelines.”

Academy participants also complete a re-entry simulation sponsored by the Kentucky Department of Corrections. During the simulation, they work with justice-involved individuals to see what it is like for an individual reentering society and the barriers they must overcome.

“The Fair Chance Academy is the right choice to make if you are an employer that wants a solution to staffing challenges,” added Rhodes. “We can strengthen our workforce and help people sustain their recovery, simply giving individuals a chance,” added Rhodes.

To learn more about the Fair Chance Academy and how to become a second-chance employer, you can apply by clicking here.