Addiction Recovery Care lays the groundwork for improving behavioral health outcomes in Virginia

As Virginia continues to experience the impacts of the addiction crisis, Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) and leaders with the Dickenson County Industrial Development Authority continue to lay the framework for how they will play a part in transforming the state’s healthcare and economic future. They set the stage Thursday during the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Health Care Conference in Richmond.

One panel during the conference discussed current trends in the behavioral health field. The panel included Addiction Recovery Care’s Chief Administration Officer, Matt Brown. They discussed everything from potential changes in policy to how businesses can partner with addiction treatment providers to grow workforce participation.

“Across the board, it’s time to consider the long-term outcomes of individuals impacted by substance use disorder,” said Brown. “We’re excited to be a part of these important discussions in Virginia. In the coming months, we will continue to collaborate with local and state leaders as we prepare to bring our Crisis to Career™ treatment model to the Dickenson County community.


ARC is a leading provider of comprehensive treatment services for individuals with substance use disorder (SUD). Headquartered in Louisa, Kentucky, ARC operates a network of more than 30 treatment programs across Eastern and Central Kentucky. ARC’s nationally recognized Crisis to Career™ model is a four-phase, year-long program that combines SUD treatment, primary care, counseling and peer support with life skills, education and job training to set up clients for long-term success.

“ARC’s Crisis to Career™ model is the cornerstone of how we should address behavioral health in Virginia, Kentucky, and beyond,” said Dana Cronkhite, Dickenson County Director of Economic Development. “My background is in the behavioral health field, and I can tell you that people are in dire need of what Addiction Recovery Care offers. To support economic growth and development in our region, we must get more people healthy and back into the workforce–and that requires an individualized holistic approach to care that sets up people for success even after they’ve complete treatment.”

Earlier this year, Addiction Recovery Care announced its plans in partnership with the Dickenson County Industrial Development Authority to create a new treatment facility in the Town of Clintwood. Wildwood Recovery Center will be located at 230 Chip Mill Road. Site development has begun and are aiming for an initial opening date in 2024.