Toyotomi partnership shows ARC’s Crisis to Career model at work

If you or a loved one have experienced addiction, you know how hopeless and defeating it can feel. But for those who have found the strength to ask for help and enter treatment, the opportunities are abundant.


At Addiction Recovery Care (ARC), we’re seeing the positive impacts of these opportunities–and at the root of them all is our nationally recognized Crisis to Career model. It’s what sets us apart from other providers.

“With treatment, job training and a steady job, people can truly rebuild their lives from the ground up,” said Brandon Wilson, ARC’s Director of Workforce Opportunities. “When people have the skills they need to rejoin the workforce, they can earn that paycheck, become independent and break the cycle of generational poverty that most of them have ended up experiencing through their addiction crisis.”

As Addiction Recovery Care has grown, so have our community partnerships. In Springfield, ARC and Toyotomi America are truly taking people from crisis to career. On any given day, if you visit the manufacturing line and production floor, you will find former and current ARC clients who have been given opportunities to build back their lives through employment with Toyotomi.

“Some of the guys are starting out as production, floor-level team members. But you can already see they have the drive and willingness to work up,” said Russell Graves, General Manager of Administration at Toyotomi.

“Before finding ARC, I had never heard of Crisis to Career, and I had never been to treatment. The Crisis to Career part stuck out to me and presented opportunities that I could not imagine another treatment center offering,” said Jesse Pack, an ARC client who has been working at Toyotomi.

ARC’s Crisis to Career approach to long-term recovery has been a collaborative effort. Thanks to the Kentucky Chamber Foundation’s Fair Chance Academy, Toyotomi and other companies are receiving training, knowledge and resources to help them welcome people in recovery back to the workforce.

Second chance employers like Toyotomi are making a difference in Kentucky – and setting an example for other businesses that want to be a part of the solution.

“As of January 2023, Toyotomi employs more than 20 ARC graduates in full-and part-time positions, and we expect that number to continue to grow,” added Wilson. “Crisis to Career is what makes ARC’s treatment program different – and it’s what will help more of our fellow Kentuckians reach long-term recovery from substance use disorders.”