Meet the Millard College class of 2022, presented by Addiction Recovery Care

Once a month, Addiction Recovery Care staff gathers with clients to celebrate the work accomplished across all facilities. 

The convocation events are designed to encourage clients on their path to recovery while also recognizing staff exceeding expectations.

May is a little different, though, as many of us joined family and friends to celebrate pre-school, high school, and college graduations earlier in the month.

 In addition, ARC’s convocation on May 31st celebrated current and past clients who achieved academic excellence through Millard College programs. More than 100 ARC clients walked across the stage, being awarded certifications in either Addiction and Recovery Studies, Peer Support Specialist, or Carpentry. 

Class speaker Michael Osborne took time during the event to share how his life has been transformed through Addiction Recovery Care and the Millard College since joining in the spring of 2021. Watch his entire speech here. 

Congratulations to all of the graduates! 

Addiction and Recovery Studies

Mark Adkins 

Stephen Benningfield 

Sherry Bledsoe 



Timothy Cater 

Amy Chandler 

Monica Estep 

Lisa Haggard 

Megan Jackson 

Linda Justice 

Dustin Moore 

Kayla McClure Storms 

Jarrelll Tibbs


Nicholas Dye 

Willis Napier

Peer Support Specialist

Joshua Amburgey 

Ronald Anderson 

Thomas Aparicio 

Courtney Bailey 

Heather Bass 

Cody Braden 

Garrett Brashear 

James Bruce 

Thomas Bruner 

Rodney Buckhart 

Raphel Campbell 

Stephen Campbell 

Stanley Coker 

Stephen Conrad 

Tyler Coyle 

Constance Crutchfield 

Savannah Daniel 

David Denny 

Kimberly Derrickson 

Cassie Elswick 

Tiffany Ewing 

Toni Farley 

Steven Faul 

Freda Fore 

Madison Frasure 

Sabra Gary 

John Goins 

Charles Goldie 

Charles Graham 

Chelsea Guy 

Denise Hager 

Mark Hall 

Shequlie Hayes 

Bobby HIll 

Levi Hollon 

Anthony Hoy 

Christopher Humphrey 

Alleigha Hunter 

Carrie Ingram 

Joshua Jones 

Phillip Jude 

Sarah Kirklin 

Jonathan Kyle 

Nathan LaShelle 

Haley Linville 

Mikaela Marcum 

Jaloni Marintez 

Madison May 

Amber McCleese

Christopher McQueen

Jamie Mcreynolds 

Clyde Miller 

Richard Miller 

D’Andre Mitchell 

Mark Moats 

Haley Mooney 

Jordan Moore 

Sarah Moore 

Kimberly Mullins 

Sarah Newton 

Michael Osborne 

Jennifer Owens 

Dustin Patterson 

Morgan Pawley 

Susan Pierce 

Jeffrey Randles 

Leslee Ray 

Candace Richmond

Jennifer Rutherford 

Shon Sebastian

Sean See

Phillip Shaw 

Tanelle Smith 

Fred Stapleton

James Stephenson 

Joshua Stephenson 

Audrey Strobe

Brenda Taulbee 

Anthony Taylor

Donna Tucker 

Paul Ulery 

Vicki Weldon 

Michael Welk 

Amy Wilson 

Rachel Woodruff 

Latasha Woods 

Joshua Woosley 

Matthew Word 

Paul Yaggie