In the News: ARC’s impact in headlines

As Kentucky communities continue to see a record number of cases in overdoses just halfway through 2021, Addiction Recovery Care’s (ARC) Senior Vice President of Operations Pat Fogarty spoke with WKYT’s Chad Hedrick about the issue and how ARC is trying to find a resolution through its unique approach to treatment. 

WKYT reports In 2020, a record 93,000 Americans died from a drug overdose. Here at home in Kentucky,  fatal overdoses were up 54% to 2,100 in 2020. The number would be one of the highest in the nation. 

“Unfortunately, many of us that are working in the trenches have seen it coming. It was apparent that those numbers were going to be high,” Fogarty told WKYT. “COVID heightened the overdose crisis for sure. But it’s certainly due more to the supply. We need to stay the course. We had some really promising outcomes a couple years ago. The numbers were going down. We know what works,” Fogarty said. 

Addiction Recovery Care’s approach to treatment continues to show an 80% success rate among those seeking treatment for a substance use disorder. With a long-term treatment, life skill development and career readiness program, ARC’s efforts have given our clients the mindset to overcome addiction and keep away from being included in an overdose statistic. 

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