WATCH: The impact of addiction and the road to recovery

Recently, ARC Senior Vice President of Administration Matt Brown sat down for a taping of Issues and Answers with WYMT-TV’s Steve Hensley. In the wide-ranging interview, Brown discussed the struggles those in addiction have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the steps forward made in addiction treatment, and what is ahead at Addiction Recovery Care.

Matt is no stranger to what tens of thousands of Kentuckians face while in addiction. He battled addiction for 18 years. When Matt sought out treatment, he went to Belle Grove Springs, a facility for men operated by ARC. Since that time, how Kentucky treats treatment options has improved.

“There is absolutely no such thing as too far gone and today if you live in Kentucky, hope and help are extremely available, and treatment is basically on-demand,” Brown told WYMT.

Families need to remember they are a crucial aspect of a loved one’s recovery process.

“I have an extremely supportive wife who stayed with me even through my addiction and gave me a chance to get better and to be able to be the husband that I am today,” Brown elaborated in the interview.

You can catch the full interview below.