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Proven Track Record

ARC is a state and national leader in addiction treatment. Throughout its work, ARC has delivered quality, holistic care to over 9,000 clients in its residential treatment centers. As the largest substance abuse treatment provider in the state, ARC operates a network of over 30 state-licensed Residential and Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers throughout central and eastern Kentucky.

All centers and programs are state-licensed Behavioral Health Services Organizations (BHSO) and Alcohol and Other Drug Entity (AODE) facilities. In addition to meeting state licensing requirements, the centers are credentialed with Medicaid and many major private health insurance companies and nationally accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). ARC was the very first Medicaid provider of addiction treatment services in Kentucky.

CARF Accreditation
ASAM 3.1 Level of Care Certification


Holistic Care

ARC’s Crisis to Career program model encompasses 4 phases over an approximately 1-year term of treatment inclusive of vocational training. A holistic care treatment team comprised of all care providers manages each person’s treatment plan and delivery. The client’s clinical counselor leads the treatment team alongside the client’s other treatment providers and staff, including their case manager, their peer support services provider, their nurse, their chaplain, and a residential staff representative. 

Phase 1 of treatment represents a more traditional, residential treatment program of about 30 days. Phase 2 is an intensive outpatient program model with housing lasting typically 30-45 days. Clients in Phase 3 complete a 60-day outpatient program with housing. Finally, Phase 4, the longest, is an outpatient program and includes job skills training programs that typically run 6-9 months. The result is about a year-long commitment to treatment by a client leading to a solid foundation for a restored life of recovery, hope, and redemption.

Comprehensive Services

ARC operates a comprehensive model to address the biological components of opioid use disorder by offering medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) in conjunction with the 12 steps. Clients who meet criteria have the option of naltrexone, buprenorphine, or complete abstinence. ARC has developed withdrawal management protocols using the FDA approved opioid withdrawal medication, lofexidine, that allows clients to transition from buprenorphine to naltrexone.

ARC’s recovery program incorporates its proven peer support component for recovery services. ARC has an extensive Peer Support Specialist program that culminates in state certification. From ARC’s already existing programs, this certification program will provide a steady pipeline of available Peer Support Specialists to be deployed in the program housed at the former St. Catharine College campus.


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Evidence-Based Treatment

ARC’s clinical professionals will provide individualized, dynamic, and efficient therapy to the client and as appropriate their family through individual and group sessions. Clinical counselors offer assessment, diagnosis, psychotherapy, treatment planning, addiction counseling, psychoeducational programming, relapse prevention planning, and crisis intervention. Licensed clinicians (LPCC and LPCA) and/or licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) in all levels of care oversee the programs performed by certified drug and alcohol counselors (CADCs), clinical staff, certified peer support specialists (PSS), and case managers, and also offer clinical insight during weekly multidisciplinary treatment team meetings. In addition to programs that directly benefit the client, the licensed professionals participate in utilization review of ongoing client records to ensure compliance and that all clients receive the appropriate level of care for their individualized needs.

We accept Kentucky Medicaid plans including Anthem