Karen's Place Recovery Program

Karen's Place

Karen's Place

Karen’s Place is a residential treatment center for women suffering from substance abuse located on 30 tranquil acres of wooded area overlooking Yatesville Lake in Lawrence County, Kentucky (10 minutes from US 23 & 30 minutes from Interstate 64). Our program integrates the best practices of clinical drug treatment with a time-tested faith-based recovery model.

Karen’s Place is a state-licensed Alcohol & Other Drug Education (AODE) Residential Program and is an approved treatment provider for Operation UNITE’s Treatment Voucher Program. These designations require that Karen’s Place utilize the best practices of clinical drug treatment. We have a Physician as our medical director,  Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselors (CADCS), Pastoral Counselors and trained Recovery Mentors staffing our treatment program.

Click here to come inside to see Karen's Place

Click here to come inside to see Karen's Place

In addition, Karen’s Place uses Christian spiritual enrichment and development as a core component for our program. Residents participate in one hour of weekly individual counseling, 15 hours weekly of recovery small groups (12 steps, NA/AA, Living Free & Celebrate Recovery) and group therapy sessions. We offer groups & counseling in relationships, parenting, self esteem, relapse prevention, aftercare, career & personality testing, anger management,  and wellness.

100 Day Treatment Program Overview

Core Substance Abuse Treatment Program:
Component 1

12 Individual Counseling Sessions

  1. Psychosocial, Assessment and Initial Treatment Plan
  2. Master Treatment Plan
  3. Personality Test Review (TJTA)
  4. Spiritual Inventory and Skill Building Plan
  5. Treatment Plan Review
  6. Topical Counseling 1
  7. Topical Counseling 2
  8. Treatment Plan Review
  9. Career/Skills Assessment Review
  10. Risk Factors Therapy
  11. Relapse Prevention
  12. Aftercare and Discharge

Core Substance Abuse Treatment Program:
Component 2 

15 Hours of Recovery Groups Per Week (At least 5 Hours of 12 Steps)

  1. Group Therapy with daily Process Groups
  2. 12 Step Psychoeducational Groups
  3. NA/AA Meetings
  4. Celebrate Recovery Step Studies
  5. Group Studies Spiritual Skills
  6. Weekly Mentoring Group

Core Substance Abuse Treatment Program:
Component 3

Personal Studies in Recovery/Spiritual Skill Building

  1. Treatment Contract 1: Standard Content
  2. Treatment Contract 2: Personalized Content
  3. Treatment Contract 3: Personalized Content

Core Substance Abuse Treatment Program:
Component 4

Community Service and Life Skills Program

  1. 4-6 hours of community service per week
  2. 12-16 hours of life skills building including cooking, cleaning, gardening, landscaping, laundry, etc.

Why Choose a Program with Strong Spirituality Component?

A two-year study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University found that:

  • Spirituality was the top indicator of long-term recovery.
  • Adults and teens who consider religion to be very important, and who attend religious services weekly or more often, are far less likely to smoke, drink, or use elicit drugs.
  • Individuals who attend spiritually based support programs, such as the 12-Step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, are more likely to maintain sobriety.
  • Individuals in successful recovery often show greater levels of faith and spirituality than those who relapse.

Karen's Place has Three Program Options:

  • 37-day Program
  • 100-day Program
  • 6-month Program